Life at Peligoni

A small enclave surrounded by olive trees and perched above the glittering Ionian Sea, The Peligoni Club offers an unrivalled place to spend a summer working abroad.

The Peligoni Club

Small and personal with a focus on quality over quantity, the club will mould itself around our guests’ idea of the perfect Greek island holiday. They spend their days windsurfing, sun-worshipping, sailing, making their way through the Booker Prize shortlist, doing yoga or sipping rosé: whatever they feel like, we’ve got it covered.

Our Working Ethos

Our staff are the life and soul of the club. It is up to us to ensure our guests are made to feel at home and getting the most out of their Peligoni holiday. We like to think of Peligoni as home away from home, and our staff as the perfect hosts. The level of pride we take is second to none, our warm and friendly approach is never forgotten and our attention to detail is what makes our guests come back year after year.

Life Beyond The Club

As beautiful as the clubhouse is, we know that you’ll want to escape your workplace every now and then. Our staff often spend their days off exploring the island, taking boat trips, lazing in the sun and enjoying island life with your fellow staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I be living? What can I do on my day off? What will I be wearing? You probably have lots of questions about working abroad at The Peligoni Club. See the answers to our frequently asked questions here.

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