Our driver service offers our guests an alternative to driving, allowing them the opportunity to make the most of the club and the chance to over indulge on a Party Night, as well as providing a good deal of flexibility for families who want to do different things at different times. 

The Driver role demands a great deal of flexibility and interaction with guests as well as a high level of practical ability, responsibility and awareness. Our Drivers care about our guests: getting to know them, helping mums and dads when trying to load the car up with all the various kit that kids require, and always being engaging and polite. They take pride in their vehicles and are always on hand to assist guests.

Our guest driver service is offered most evenings and operates from 6pm until the club closes, with the busiest times of day being early-evening as guests come down to the club for dinner. As the club closes, the Drivers are one of the last to leave as they return guests to their villas after the evenings events. 

In addition to driving our guests, the driving team also provide transportation for the rest of the Peligoni team from our staff accommodations to the club. When not behind the wheel, our Drivers take care of our club vehicles ensuring they are always spotless and in good working order to provide the best possible service for our guests. Other duties include assisting with the preparation of our evening events which might involve moving furniture, rigging up lights and lighting barbeques and carrying out general maintenance and housekeeping tasks to help us keep the club looking its best.

Our Drivers need to be self-motivated, resourceful and proactive, with strong interpersonal skills and the ability to engage well with our guests. They will have a positive, can-do attitude and as a representative of Peligoni, they will be professional, polite and always willing to help.

Key Responsibilities

  • Provide a daily driver service for guests between the club and their accommodations
  • Provide a daily driver service for the Peligoni team between their accommodations and the club 
  • Learn driving routes to all the villas and popular spots on the island of Zakynthos
  • Learn driving routes to the nearest medical facilities, pharmacies and hospital
  • Deliver a high level of service at all times
  • Build and maintain friendly relationships with guests
  • Be able to talk to guests effectively about the club and what is on offer
  • Assist other departments with tasks that require driving 
  • Daily maintenance and upkeep of vehicles
  • Daily cleaning of vehicles
  • Carry out daily maintenance and housekeeping tasks
  • Assist with the preparation of evening events
  • From time to time you will be required to take on additional tasks and duties relating to the smooth running of the club

Abilities & Expectations

  • Safe and experienced driver
  • Good practical and mechanical vehicle knowledge 
  • Outstanding work ethic
  • Excellent guest relations and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work independently as well as part of a team
  • Self-motivated, proactive and highly organised
  • Flexible and willing to help others
  • Ability to communicate effectively

Essential Requirements

  • Full EU/UK driving license with no endorsements
  • Minimum age 23 (for insurance purposes)
  • Experience driving in mainland Europe
  • Previous experience in a similar position is desirable
  • Previous hospitality experience is desirable
  • Available for the full season (May to October)
  • UK/EU Passport Holder