Preparing For A Destination Wedding

Tips for your memorable event

Having hosted some spectacular weddings at the club in the last few years, we’ve come to know all the logistical nuances and planning details that are required when having your big day abroad. For those of you who are planning a fairy tale island wedding, we asked Phoebe from the So You’re Getting Married blog to provide some useful pointers before you start putting your vision in action.


I think deciding where to get married is either an exceptionally easy decision (somewhere you have had your eye on since childhood) or you are open to marrying anywhere, and sometimes that can lead you abroad. It is true that a destination wedding can be less expensive than a wedding on your home turf but there are a few key things to think about and plan for first.

A beautiful bride is escorted to their private boat on the edge of the island of Zakynthos

Where – a major decision! Whether you are wanting a private island jetty, cliff top ceremony, or volcanic backdrops make sure you research everything about the venues. In particular that country’s marriage laws. You can call the local authority in the area and they will be able to tell you more about how it will work for your church or civil ceremony. Some countries require you to be ‘in residence’ for a set amount of days prior, so just do your research. Also think about your guests, if it is long distance…Bora Bora style then give plenty of notice so time off can be booked, and money saved. Also make sure you take out wedding insurance.

Greek dancer in a ring of fire balancing a glass on his head

There may also be language barriers so make sure everything is written clearly in email between the suppliers so that they can translate in to their native tongue simply and then there will be less error. Don’t be afraid to double and triple check prices and plans.

Wedding guests walk through the wild landscape of north zakynthos towards The Peligoni Club

When – if you are thinking tropical then make sure you check hurricane, monsoon seasons etc. If you are wanting a peak time then make sure you book as far in advance as possible as some destinations can be exceptionally popular e.g Zakynthos, Santorini, Maldives. If it’s Vegas then there are no worries with this. Also think about your guests booking time off work/financial calendars.

Bride and groom walk down are welcomed by guests with confetti

Also important is what you will be wearing, if you are wanting to get married on the swiss alps you may want to consider sleeves and some tweed for your groom. If you are getting married on a greek island then a beautiful floaty strapless boho gown would work well. Just make sure your dress has a plan, it may require its own seat on the plane or may arrive in a crumpled mess and need steaming or hanging for a few days.


Be prepared for a lot of questions. Wedding guests will be looking to you to give advice on where to stay, how long transfers will be, if they should hire a car, when you will be there, should they stay after, oh the list will go on. Just make sure you have the answers or can point them in the right direction.

Make sure you have the budget to be able to go out and visit your overseas destination a couple of times before the wedding. Whether it is scouting out where to get married, accommodate guests, an engagement shoot or meeting the suppliers, you need to feel comfortable with who you are spending your money on.  Think about hiring a local wedding planner, they will help with so much and be worth the money in the end. They will give you peace of mind and iron out any issues leading up to the day.

At Peligoni we handle all the logistics and planning for your wedding so you can focus on having the most unforgettable day of your life. If you are interested in having a Greek island wedding then tell us your vision by contacting