DIY Winter Cocktails

Jack Forbes knocks your socks off

If you were a guest at Peligoni in 2015 or 2016, you’ll know Jack Forbes. He was that friendly guy behind the bar who could make a rockin’ cocktail and if you were lucky, treat you to some of his mindblowing magic tricks.

Jack’s been coming to Peligoni since he was 13, when in the same year, a back injury forced him to look to something other than sport to “do something useful with my time.” So he picked up a pack of cards. Having a bit of a knack with them, he progressed into reading books on magic, and spent years tirelessly learning new moves and other magical nuances. Performing all over the country for Presidents of the USA to Princes of England, Jack is no joke when it comes to the magic game.

We were lucky enough to have Jack join us at The Club for the last two summers, because not only is he a dab-hand with a pack of cards, he’s brilliant behind the bar. “I was itching for pool days and port nights and thought, why not be a staff member?”, he says when asked about what inspired the move from guest to staff.” Peli will forever bring memories of long lunches, boozy quizzes and self confidence found nowhere else as a teenager. Hours spent on a pontoon hoping for a group of girls to talk to us in our Vilbrequins that were a bit too small. Surely enough they did and 7 years down the line they’re some of my best friends.”

Jack will be back at The Club next summer, but in the meantime, he’s kindly whipped up some Peligoni inspired Cocktails for you to make at home. Happy New Year Everyone!

Pink cocktail in a martini glass next to a plant on a wooden table with the ocean in the background


25ml Dry and Pale rosé (Léoûbe preferred but not essential!)
15ml Dry Martini Rosso
10ml Fresh Lemon Juice 
Shake and fine strain into a martini glass

If this is too much for you, add a bit of sugar syrup to lighten it. Two of these will be enough to deal with any family ordeal!


‘The Beachcomber’           

50ml Golden Spiced Rum (Bacardi Oro recommended) 
Angostura Bitters (3 dashes) 
Half Pineapple Juice/Half Ginger Beer 
Build drink in highball glass with ice

Cocktail making equipment with a martini glass with ice and a silver metal shaker, a semi peeled lemon and a silver bottle opener

‘Not So Dark or Stormy?’ 

Buying a bottle of St German Elderflower Liqueur is the best thing for easy cocktails, I highly recommend it!

15ml St Germain
Top with Prosecco
Garnish with a cucumber wheel
Made in a champagne flute

A great starter to any dinner party, easy to prepare.


Of course as a non alcoholic cocktail, there’s plenty of options. This recipe involves  a few shaken juices topped with a bit of fizzy water, super easy!


25ml lychee Juice 
25ml passionfruit juice 
15ml passionfruit purée 
25ml orange juice 
Topped with soda 
Build in a highball glass with ice
Garnish with half a passionfruit! 

Two glasses standing on the bar as the barman prepares ingredients to make cocktails

Jack will be back at The Club next summer,  but in the meantime he is currently managing the fantastic Boma Bridge  bar in Putney, so go and say hi and he might just show you some magic.