Peli Packing Essentials

Our shortlist of things to bring to Peligoni


By minimising glare and reducing eyestrain, polarised sunglasses improve clarity of vision and colours of objects. They are great for those who’ll be out on the water a lot and even better for those who want to enjoy the spectacular views of the sea and surrounding hill tops. There are plenty of brands that make polarised sunglasses, but our favourites are the good old classic Ray Ban aviators.




2. P20 Suncream

With the promise of 10 hour protection, you’ll only have to apply P20 once. No more faffing around on a sunbed trying to apply cream in hard to reach places and no more worrying about burning. What more could you want? But don’t forget to wash off before bed.

*P20 can stain sheets so do remember to wash it off at the end of the day!

3. Boat Licence

For those who want to hire a speedboat with more than 30 horsepower, you’ll need your ICC licence. Taking a speedboat out for the afternoon is a great way to explore the local coastline, so set a reminder to pack your licence before you leave to ensure its not left behind.

Local restaurant Mikro Nisi near the Peligoni Club in North Zakynthos


4. Havaianas

Havaiana’s espadrille style shoes are the best way to go about walking around the stone floors and pebbled pathways at the Club. Their perfect combination of a bouncy  flip-flop material sole and a canvas top, are by far the comfiest holiday companions for your feet.



5. Active wear

With daily fitness and yoga classes taking place at the Club, you’ll regret not having brought out your fitness wear! We suggest choosing lightweight stretchy material whilst working out in the Greek heat.


6. Billabong Boardshorts

All surf brands make great boardshorts, we especially like these ones from Billabong. But no matter which brand you buy, we suggest cutting out that pesky netting inside. It irritates skin and prevents yours shorts from drying faster.



7. Travel Adapter

For those of you who would hate to have a dead iphone, laptop or tablet, the Club does have English plugs in some areas but not all villas provide adapters, so definitely bring 1 or 2 should you want to keep your devices charged at all times.

If anyone has any enquiries about what to bring please feel free to call us on 0208 740 3001.