Greece, Peligoni & Brexit

A note from Ben

Given the rather tumultuous state of the European economy of the last 6 months or so, I thought it sensible to put together some thoughts on the subject and try to answer some of the key questions where Peligoni and our offerings are concerned.

How will The Euro/Sterling relationship effect affect the cost of a Peligoni holiday?

Since the referendum on Brexit we have seen some (not unexpected) fluctuation of the euro vs sterling value. Currently the euro is sitting at around 1.18 euros to the pound, which, if you compare to the average over the last 4 years is around 3.5% down on that average. With the ongoing Brexit negotiations and uncertainty over debt levels and political problems around Europe, frankly your guess is as good as mine as to which way things might go!

That being said, we are facing the season as if sterling may fall a little more and are planning accordingly.

There are three elements to The Peligoni Club business model, Accomodation, Operations and The Club, and we are spreading any currency risks between them.

  1. Accommodation prices in sterling.
  2. Membership prices and some pre-booked activities prices in sterling.
  3. On site prices at The Club in euros.

With the costs of an average holiday roughly following this thirds model, you can rest assured that your exposure is at most limited to a third of your total holiday cost. This means that Guests are as well placed as possible to face no undue pressure from any fluctuation in these rates.

Traditional stone greek villa for 6 people in Zakynthos with blue wooden shutters and plants in terracotta pots‘New era’ properties causing people to spend more time in villas.  Above: Villa Ariaa property for 6 introduced for 2017.

If the euro does strengthen significantly, what is being done to moderate the cost of The Club element of my holiday?

We have noticed a trend, roughly in line with the construction of a ‘new era’ Peligoni properties, towards people spending a little more time in their villas. In light of this, we are transforming our in-villa services, shopping and catering options for 2017.

Beginning with the shopping lists, something which we had no control over previously, we are bringing these in house. Having negotiated with a major local supermarket for preferential prices, we expect guests to see savings of around 15-20% on the same items ordered in previous years.

We are completely redesigning our in-villa menus to make them a viable option for smaller villas as well as larger ones. This will mean loads of exciting pre-prepared and partially prepared menus, delivered to your villa, with or without the accompaniment of a villa host, who will now be priced separately. Whilst we of course want you all to go out an explore local restaurants, including our own, this service will offer a more sensibly priced option for those who want to spend a little time in their villas.

The pricing at The Club is being reviewed as a whole, especially in relation to items such as milkshakes. We have rationalised the pricing across the whole spectrum of new and existing offerings at the club which make things fairer for all.

Silver Milkshake Tumblers on a marble top beach barPrices have been reviewed to make things fairer for all. Above: Milkshakes.

What is next for Peligoni in 2017?

I can say absolutely honestly, 2017 is going to be a huge year for Peligoni. Putting aside the external pressures discussed above, over which we have limited control, we are building on the successes and learning from last year to put together the best Peligoni summer ever.

We have a new operational head in the company, Chris Archer, who came on last year as the new General Manager. Chris has spent the last 6 months closely analysing the Club, the staff, and the services on offer with a view to making improvements wherever they can be found. He has taken a particular interest in re-vitalising our weekly program for teenagers and adults, adding to and improving our in-villa offerings. We are building new facilities around The Club in areas starved of investment, such as our new  Yard Bar which will have a younger vibe to complement the smartened up Driftwood Bar, which in itself will see an overhaul this year. The drinks service at the decks and the pool has always been an area that needed a fresh approach, our new Peligoni hosts will take care of that. The Fitness Area, Rock Bar/Café, Pool Bar and Love Shack/Beach Area are all in line for improvements. As touched on earlier, we have taken on an outside site to help cater for a whole new department of in-villa services, combining it with a new Deli/Shop/Café just up the road from The Club which will free up some valuable kitchen space for the chefs at our restaurant. All new menus are being designed on the back of the terrific work from Head Chef, James Burton, over the last 3 years. New bikes, including more friendly mountain bikes are coming this year, more boats, boards and sails than ever before.

Picos stacked up in outdoor racksMore boats, boards and sails than ever before. Above: Lasers and Picos.

To handle all these new initiatives a big jump in the number of staff is expected, managed by a more experienced senior team and led by Chris with Anouska at front of house.

I could go on here but its almost Christmas and we all have more important things to do. I will just add a final thank you to those who have already booked for 2017, as much of these plans cannot be made without that early show of support. Merry Christmas and see you next summer!

Ben Shearer

Ben is the Director of The Peligoni Group. You can reach him on