Peli Profiles: Daisy Jenks

From guest to waitress to bonafide video queen...

If you’re old school Peli, you might know Daisy. Her family were long time guests before she joined us to be a waitress for the summer. In between polishing cutlery and running plates, Daisy began making music videos featuring willing guests miming and dancing to classic pop songs, all on her laptop. These proved to be so popular, she and her sister Kitty now run a business making the funnest party videos in town, Jenks & Co.

Girl at a party in blue skirt and black leather jacket holding a video camera with flashHands On!

Daisy fills us in on how it all began…

What are your fondest memories from your family holidays at Peligoni?

Being woken up so early so we could get to the club and reserve beds.* Also swims out to the Pontoon and chatting to random people on it. The milkshakes at 3pm.  The fashion shows that I wanted to be in every time! Watching my brother having a Shelia shot** on party night.

*New for 2017, a dedicated host at the decks to designate your beds for you!

Peligoni Club Water sports Sailing holiday with teenagersPontoon Party
dsc_3384 Fashion Show Sass

You then took on a waitressing role after leaving school, what made you want to work at Peligoni that summer?

I wanted to work there since I was 16 and loved the waitresses. I thought it would be the dream place to be for 4 months!!

Girl with blue apron working in a kitchen
Living The Dream

What was it like to change from guest to staff?

There wasn’t a massive change from being guest to staff. Although I couldn’t sit down with the guests and eat Peli burgers with them! Also I didn’t enjoy towel duty at the end of the day…that wasn’t a fun job unless you had a nice boat boy come help you carry them.

260616-peligoni-063302A Nice Boat Boy

It was during this summer job that you started making homemade videos of guests miming along to some famous pop tracks, what gave you the idea to do this?

The idea of filming every each week on my laptop came from at school and at home and even the first time we went as a family to the club we used to make videos everywhere I went on my laptop. Kitty started making ones of me when I was 16 to a Rihanna song and from that moment I was obsessed with making films!

Original Peligoni Material

Tell us how Jenks & Co came about?

When I got back from working in Greece I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I didn’t go to to uni, so I set up a website and brought a camera as working with the laptop looked a bit weird on my first wedding I filmed. I then wrote to event companies and the first one that got back to me was Sharky & George and then started working for them and then one party led to another and word of mouth and then me and kitty were doing it full time.

Daisy & Kitty, Coming To a Party Near You

Best party you’ve ever filmed and why?

All the parties are amaaaazzzzinn.

Plans for the future?

Get married and have a baby…who knows!

And finally, if you could have one day at Peligoni how would you spend it?

Lying in the sun, tanning my Peli belly.


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