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The Party Family | Asimi

The Party Family know how to have fun, and they do it in style. They will always throw a great time no matter how big or small the occasion. Dad is suave, mum is sassy, and the kids are beyond their years. Even grandpa knows how to rock out. With it’s outside dining table, incredible views of the ocean, minimalist edge, the super stylish Asimi is ideal for the funky family.

Modernist minimalist villa in greece surrounded by trees with amazing views of the ocean

The Sporty Family | Amoulakis

The Sporty Family are a gang of incredible beings. They thrive off being active and adventurous, they take to any sport like ducks to water, and whilst the rest of us are slobbing out on sofas on christmas morning, this amazing lot are off on family run. Not only is Amoulakis an incredible villa from a style, design and space perspective. With access to the sea, you can waterski from the villa, or take an ocean swim to the island and back!

Infinity Pool in a Villa Greece with the blue ocean with sunbeds

The Giant Family | Stouvega

With, uncles, aunties, grannies, grandpas, nephews and nieces in tow, the giant family are human pile of happiness and love. Stouvega is a wonderful option for large groups, offering the space, rooms, and plenty of different spaces so all ages can enjoy their holiday as they like!

Greek villa outdoor area surrounded by trees

The Grown Up Family | Anna’s House

The kids have flown or grown, and with no little ones to think of, Anna’s House offers a perfect option.  High up in the hills, it’s ideal for a group of who want privacy, peace and tranquility within beautiful surroundings.

Traditional luxury greek villa with ocean view in greece surrounded by countryside

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